Name 관리자 HIT 2779
Subject NXP RF small-signal technologies Date 09.08.17

RF small-signal technologies that put you in the lead

SiGe(C) BiCMOS has taken the industry by storm. NXP's RF-BiCMOS QUBiC4 leads the way, IP, volume production, and, of course, performance. NXP campaign themes will include the following:
- QUBiC4 - breakthrough RF-BiCMOS beating GaAs

- The shortest time-to-first-fix with GPS LNAs

- DRO-free LO generators for the lowest phase noise

- Integration that only broadband medium power MMICs can produce

* The campaign will be supported by a selling guide, samples, demo boards, new literature, including the   new RF Manual.

* http://www.nxp.com/campaigns/experience_rfsmallsignal/?655&ecmp=ift_experience_rfsmallsignal