Name 관리자 HIT 1699
Subject [NEWS] Open NFC API for Android™ now available Date 10.05.11

NXP and Trusted Logic lead the integration of NFC technology into Android

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, April 20th, 2010 NXP and Trusted Logic today
announced the release of an open source NFC Android
API. This will enable
mobile phone users to access a new range of contactless applications such
as mobile payments, transport and event ticketing as well as data sharing
directly from their Android phones.

NXP and Trusted Logic pioneered the integration of NFC technology into
Android with the first versions implemented and showcased already last
year. The companies are now leading the open source community to define an
industry standard for the integration of NFC technology within Android.
Opening this API to the community will enable application and service
providers to develop their NFC applications with a standard framework as
they did with the JSR 257 specification. This will drive the creation of
compelling NFC applications by handset manufacturers and independent
application developers alike.

The API has been released following consultation with various eco-system
partners, including mobile network operators, handset manufacturers and NFC
controller providers.

A second-generation NFC Android stack based on this Open NFC API is now
available from NXP and Trusted Logic. It provides a complete integration
into the Android framework, comparable to the Bluetooth
® & Wi-Fi services
already integrated in Android.

This is the most complete Android proposal on the market. Our key
partners in Android confirm this is a solid proposal and that release of
this open NFC API is essential for a successful deployment of NFC
Henri Ardevol, general manager secure transactions, NXP
We are excited to contribute to this industry standard
and are looking forward to propose a reference implementation above the
Android Hardware Abstraction Layer to the Open Handset Alliance (OHA)

With our second generation NFC Android API, our solution is mature enough
to be broadly shared with all the players,
Philippe Dubois, general
manager professional and consumer devices, Trusted Logic.
This allows
each of them to propose further enhancements and contribute through the
Apache License model. Application developers can also have access to our
environment on PC and make use of the latest API version.

The API specification is accessible via a single mail request to
NFCforAndroid@trusted-logic.com. An Apache License 2.0 model was selected
in order to provide a legal framework to new contributions.