Name 관리자 HIT 2026
Subject [I&C Technology] StarCI Date 10.05.17
* StarCI General Description
StarCI is the common interface controller for digital satellite video receiver and digital TV to adopt the common interface standard(CENELEC EN-50221). Through , the receiver’s microprocessor reads the status of the common interface modules and gives a command to the modules and then the modules processes the MPEG video stream. After is initialized by I2C bus connected with the microprocessor, it generates the command interface control signals to agree the specification of each module from the control signals of the microprocessor. supports the interface of various microprocessors for flexible implementation of the receiver. StarCI is able to simultaneously control two independent modules and to support hot-insertion of them.

 * Applications
_ Satellite/Cable Set Top Box
_ Digital TV

 * Key Features
_ Microprocessor Interface I2C bus interface supports various microprocessors PC card control signals generation
_ MPEG Video Stream Interface MPEG II Transport Stream compliant
_ Common Interface Module Interface Common interface standard compliant PC Card Standard compliant hot Insertion capability polling and Interrupt modes two full independent module capability
_ 3.3V for all outputs, 5.0V tolerant for all inputs
_MQFP 128 pin Package