Name 관리자 HIT 1922
Subject [I&C Technology] StarENC300 Date 10.05.17
* StarENC300 General Description
StarENC300 is advanced security chip with flash memory for Set Top Box reproduction prevention. Also, application is possible in other system for reproduction prevention. StarENC300 provides more secure than the StarENC100 and StarENC200 to copy protection solution. It is use to mixed RSA public key algorithm  and non-public secret key algorithm. Also, RSA algorithm decrypt 32bit ciphertext with 47bit key. StarENC300 uses I2C interface, 3.3V Power and embedded flash memory. This chip is SOIC Package of 8 pins.

* Application
Set Top Box
Mobile-TV Phone
Etc.(Most of Electronic System) 

* Features
Standard-Voltage Operation : +3.3V
I2C Bus Interface : 1MHz, 400KHz and 100KHz Compatibility
Schmitt Trigger, Filtered Inputs for Noise Suppression
Input Drive Clock, up to 100MHz (Typical 27MHz)
Use to RSA Public Key Algorithm and Non-Public Secret Key Algorithm.
Use to 32bit Plaintext and 47bit Key for RSA Encryption
Embedded Flash Memory for key and secure block
8-lead SOIC Package