Name 관리자 HIT 1960
Subject [C'est Image] CMD4-385B/485A Date 10.05.17
* General Description
The CMD4-385B/485A is a Interline Transfer Progressive scan color CCD image sensor camera module. The Camera module full readout mode supports max. 30(CBN385B) or 25(CBN485A) frames/sec. This camera module is 42mm x 42mm 1 board. This camera module board has digital interface for the image display output and uses progressive scan CCD image sensors. This CCD camera module is suitable for the Image Application, especially designed for the security camera, automotive camera, IP network camera, medical camera, machine vision application because of the large photo unit cell size CCD image sensor. (high dynamic range and high output saturation voltage )

 * Features
All image signal out is possible with progressive scan.
Very High Sensitivity , Lower smear
Horizontal CCD : Operate at low voltage (3.0V)
Automatic Overflow Drain voltage adjustment
I²C Interface
DC IRIS, True Day & Night, AE, AGC, AWB Function
Camera Play/Stop, Camera Reset, Mirror Function
BLC, Gamma, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation, Hue, Exposure time, MWB, Color/Gray, Flickerless Function
Slow Shutter Function ( up to x256, about 1 sec.)

* Support
Customize : PCB Size(38mmx38mm, 42mmx42mm, etc), ISP Tuning
16:9 Wide mode view