Name 관리자 HIT 1930
Subject [ZORAN] SupraHD79x/69x Date 10.05.17

One device for Worldwide DTV Markets

 - Magnitude efficiency improvement for system support, development and production

Connectivity for worldwide markets

 - H.264, VC1, AVCHD, MPEG2 etc. decoder

 - Integrate 1000 + DMIPS CUP

 - Flexible & extensible SW

 - Support DLNA

 - Support internet or personal content streaming

Supports 3D Video

 - Captures 3D stereoscopic video using HDMI 1.4

 - Supports 1080p and 720p 3D formats with no crosstalk

Major improvement in Picture Quality and Audio

 - Integrates 2D Super-resolutions

 - Expanded processing for Audio support – SRS and Audyssey –Dedicated Audio DSP

Integrated 120Hz FRC version available

Integrated new “Digital Fortress” security system - Enhancements include secure CPU, OTP, DRM